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Multi Fashion Group of the 21st Century, BYC

The world is changing and the human civilization is making progress. But invariable is the desire of man to lead an 
abundant and happy life. So is the will of BYC to make a contribution to it.We have made every effort on underwear 
for the last half century, and now would like to pay attention to outerwear as well, so that we can further contribute 
to the clothing life of people and explore a bright future of Korean textile industries in the rapidly changing 
economical system of the world.
On the solid ground as an enterprise that can be relied upon, is creative, and serves its society and nation, we will 
be open our way to the world best high-tech garment manufacturer.The new clothing culture of the 21st century is 
that of multi fashion. Step BYC is pioneering the new, multi fashion age ahead of competition. It is a new promise 
we make to improve the quality of life for the people of the world.