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An Indonesian factory run by BYC started operation in January in 2013 on the grounds of 30,000 ㎡ acquired in 2012 
at the KARAWANG industrial site, based on 68 years of accumulated experience and know-how. It produces finished
products through knitted ones with a batch manufacturing system.

The factory established itself as a state of art manufacturer operated by high technology system, employing 1,000
locals. Currently, it centers on finished products, turning out 13,200,000 pieces a year. And the products made here
are exported to about 25 countries including Europe, Africa as well as Middle East countries(Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon etc.) USA, Japan, Southeast Asia and so on. At the same time,
it is making its way toward a slogan of 'the top notch company of BYC' through globalization, specialization and
high value.

We, BYC pride ourselves on being no.1 globally in making clothes which are essentials in life. And we dare to promise
to set up a production base, wherever in the world we are welcome to supply high valued products, and offer value
specific to global BYC.