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Message from the Chairman

We must make the best products in the world!
This is the corporate volition of BYC.
Since founded in 1946 BYC has led the underwear industry. 
We have trodden the single path wirh a firm belief that we 
must the best underwear in the world. 
As a result, on the ground of abundant experience over 60 
years and accumulated technologies, 
we have maintained our leadership in Korean textile industry and now stand tall as a fashion group of the world with 
sales networks in more than 70 countries. 
Even under the difficult circumstances at the initial stage of the company foundation, we started to work under a belief 
that BYC should be an enterprise that is creative at all time, is relied upon by the people, and servers the society and 
the nation by turning the profit back. This still livers in the spirit of the company and we will never stop our efforts to 
keep the top class products with the best quality matching with the aforesaid belief.
We will do our utmost to make clean, comfortable and elegant underwear worn by the people of the whole world, 
always remembering the corporate motto, “making good underwear is the very future of BYC.” 
Running the company progressively and creatively. 
You are requested to kindly watch the future of ‘BYC That Goes Ahead of Time.’
Thank you very much.