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BYC R&D Center pursues perfection of products through tests and analysis of coloration and discoloration of dye 
stuff and shrinkage of fabric in accordance with processes continuously proceeding, and keeps focusing on 
development of new materials suitable for different weather and environment and new functionalities such as 
antibiosis, deodorization and thermal insulation, Front view of BYC R&D Center in lsol-myeon, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk 
Training Center in Yangil, Yongin Sinhan Midde and High School in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi.

BYC people thinking about places where warmth is needed
We pay special attention to expansion of intra-company training programs for rearing of creative and active human 
resources and training of employees that can carry on with our target for “Number One BYC in the World.”On the 
understanding that and enterprise can make progress only under close cooperative spirit, employee welfare funds 
such as housing fund and life stabilization fund have been raised.We always remind ourselves to pay back the love 
and trust of our people, in order to keep the company motto, “An Enterprise That Servers the Nation,” BYC extends 
its hands to the problems of our modern society such as environmental problems, juvenile delinquency, education, 
senior citizens and the urban needy.