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Dyeing, Processing

BYC succeeding the traditional clothing life and running ahead with 
Development of functional products and new materials
With the high-tech processes that challenge for “defect-free knitted fabric” and the most up-to-date facilities 
designedand installed by ourselves, BYC controls all the mechanical facilities and handling of dye stuff including 
singeing, silket, dyeing, washing and processing from the central room, and these perfect facilities and the series 
of delicate processes bring about eminent quality products.
High-Processes Challenging “Defect-free Products”
Processing means a process where knitted fabric is physically and chemically treated in order to increase the value 
added.With the state-of-the-art facilities designed and installed by ourselves, knitted fabric; sillket to increase 
flexibility and gross; dyeing on scientific dyeing data and homogeneous mixing by the scraper; washing to rise the 
dyed fabric with steam on a individual process but also all the mechanical facilities and dye stuff handling are 
automatically controlled from the central control room, and these high-tech innovations have enabled BYC to produce
 “defect-free fabric.”